A collection of some of the work we have done so far for our customesr.

Beatles Album Covers

Individual apertures and name plaques show off the CD covers from the Beatles album range. All of the CD covers are individually covered in cellophane to ensure they remain undamaged and if desired can be removed from the frame and returned to their covers. Actual music CD's can be framed without any damage to the CD by using custom made plastic inserts that stick to the mount and hold the CD by its centre hole.

Munster Rugby

When framing a jersey we pin it onto matching mount board and put it into a frame with deep sides. A surround between the mount board and the glass gives a 3D effect ensuring the glass is not pressing the jersey. Framed jerseys are quite large so if necessary, (signatures and logos permitting) the jersey can be folded in a number of different ways to make the finished frame smaller. We can put a gold or silver printed plaque under the jersey with information about the article. Apertures can also be cut in the mount containing photo's connected with the jersey.

U2 TIME Magazine Covers

When framing limited edition items or specialised pieces, we take great care to preserve the item to ensure it can be retrieved easily from the frame in its original state.

In this photo you can see a framed copy of the three Time magazine covers that U2 have appeared on (having since appeared on a 4th). The magazines are not altered in any way so as to affect their future resale value ,and if necessary, can be removed from the frame without any damage. Special UV glass is used to ensure no colour loss or distortion will occur over time due to light.

Beatles Album Vinly

The record cover is sealed in a plastic cover. Any posters, record sleeves, handouts that come with records are enclosed in the sleeve. The record is mounted with a holding pin through the centre hole. Different styles of holding pin are available to match the record (circles, stars, hearts).

Irish 1916 Proclamation

In this picture you can see a combination of very small mount openings containing the pictures of the signatories. Plaques have been added underneath with their names surrounding the proclamation. Along with the top header aperture, the finished frame links the faces and their thoughts and aspirations.